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What companies? Which industries? Fortune 500 or early stage start-up? How to apply? How to stay motivated and how to stay focused. Find articles, listing and more on these and related topics.

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For Gen1 transplants here or in other innovations around the globe. Embrace the spirit, the vibe and the psyche of the original Silicon Valley


Good reads, how to adapt, other 'Valleys' happenings, a Gen1 perspective, things to do around the Bay and California

San Jose: One of the Happiest Places to Live


Startup life requires sunshine, great food and culture, and a microclimate that brings out the best in people (and golfers) everyday all year long.



Find out why San Jose, in particular, is listed as one of the best places to live on the planet. A great mix of people, education, culture, year-round weather and a majesty of nature are just a few reasons why people 'transplant' then stay for good. Do you know the way to San Jose?

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Good sources for technology and startup news, events, trends, insights, macro industry analysis, predictions, statistics and other stuff for people who don't hang around the Valley everyday. Find out what people here read and what common parlance is like.



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