about CG


We are a team of Silicon Valley veterans and contributing editors with background in start-up marketing, product marketing, business strategy, Fortune 500 change agency, and executive management.


Founded in 2002, Celestin Group (CG) is a Silicon Valley think-tank studying the development, marketing and management practices for innovative products and services. We provide insights and information for innovators, start ups, and new technology enthusiasts from anywhere and any background.


We are argonauts celebrating the quest to explore and create 'the new.' We marvel at the entrepreneurial process and record the chapters of the innovative process in the post-modern cultural experiment known as Silicon Valley.


We report on the culture, people, attitudes, leaders, successes, failures, visions, trends, psychology, motivations, inspirations and just about anything else that makes up the fabric of the Valley.


We highlight the unique experiences that make living in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley, one of the happiest and best cities to live in around the world.


We are docents and cheerleaders encouraging one and all explorers, adventurers, and future game changers to discover the grandeur and dynamism of this space that is like no other.


  • For anyone, any business or any news organization we provide insights into the dynamics, trends and latest technologies being developed in Silicon Valley.
  • For the employer, we provide support for sourcing new talent from diverse and under-represented talent pools. We also help inject entrpreneurial DNA and analysis for small growing firms as wellas larger firms looking to pivot or re-invent themselves.
  • For non-technology news organizations we serve as a syndicaed source of news stories and editorials.
  • For career seekers we offer advice, guidance and instructional how-to literature, workshops and seminars on finding, getting and transitioning into new opportunities at Silicon Valley companies.


We celebrate all things Silicon Valley, innovation and self-actualization.