Market Landscape       

Telescoping Services

provide updated snapshots of your business climate and landscape including perspectives on industry trends, thought leadership and business best practices.  Our clients use this service as the backdrop for new product launch planning, marketing strategy development and executive presentations to customers, employees and investors.  Telescoping services provide an A/B comparative analysis to assess if the vision you had not so long ago still holds true and, if not, what you need to do to re-align towards your north star.



Competitive & Playbooks

Periscoping Research Services 

provide a breakdown of your competition – direct and indirect, your customers and your optimum path to market. Our clients use this service that includes polling primary research, secondary research and internal focus groups to refine product roadmaps, detail marketing tactics and leap frog the competition.


Funnel-Scoping Playbook Services 

 provide exact steps and schedules to help move potential customers from leads to "suspects" to "prospects" and finally to revenue generating clients. Our clients use this service to design and execute sales support tools including product/service communications, online marketing activity, media outreach, event preparation, automated email campaigns and more.



Local Support               

Virtual Office Marketing Support 

Silicon Valley is the world's epicenter for new economy technologies and companies.  Any company looking to make its mark with investors, media and strategic ecosystem partners needs to have a presence here.

For foreign companies and businesses with headquarters elsewhere, we can provide a virtual presence within Silicon Valley enabling brand building and buzz generating activity without the overhead of traveling or establishing a secondary office.

Our customers use this service to establish representation at industry-leading events within the valley or to enable exploratory meetings with new funding sources, ecosystem partners, and important media outlets.