Q2 2021 Edition

Picture San Jose

a picture diary chronicling downtown San Jose's changing landscape and buidling redevelopment

SJSU's New Grad Building

Adobe HQ2 - Phase I

4th & Santa Clara

Studying Innovation's Tech Capital

Silicon Valley Lifestyle

Innovation - Food

How humans keep re-inventing our alimentary process

Prime Cuts Vending

24/7/365 access to your favorite cuts of meat via a vending machine. Why didn't I think of that?

Robot Servers

Looking for efficiency restauranteurs are considering mechanical servers whho are never sick but they could get a bug.

Safeway Socializing

Trends in how grocery market chains are countering opular delivery services by encouraging patrons to meet-and-greet.

Feature Story

An unorthodox perspective on the creation of the original iconic burger fast food chain. Next exit - the Golden Arches.

A food innovation story

We are what we eat - And we consistently work to re-invent ourselves

How food is made, grown, merchandised and distributed reveals some fascinated stories and insights about innovation. Fast food delivery, fast food chains, re-tooled grocery stores and bespoke delicacies like chocolate are some of the topics covered in this ongoing study.

Discover San Jose

Learn about the past, present and future of Silicon Valley's birthplace - a delightful micro-climate & well-place geographic landscape that was once called "The Valley of Heart's Delight" due to its vaste orchards, cherry blossoms, pruneyards, apricot

trees and other fruit farms only a half century ago. Only to transform into the tech innovation capital of the world as electronics and computing replaced farming and kicked-off today's digital economy. Add a healthy dose of consistent crystal clear year-round temperate weather, delicious sunshine and low humidity and you've got the perfect place for argonauts the world over.

Downtown San Jose

This Small Town-Big Tech City is Changing

Can you spell Google? What was once called the Garden of Heaven's Delight because San Jose was the land of orchards and fruit and abundant fertile soil that was only matched by 11 months of crisp clear low-humidity sparkling sunshine days .......

It is changing. We aim to capture the city as it was and will be in pictures, commentary and local stories because the new Google Campus for more than 30,000 workers is coming to the Caltrain Dirdon station along with as many new condominiums, retailers and promenades that you can shake a 'pruneyard' stick at. Catch our diary and history of San Jose.

The Silicon Valley Golfer

Catch up on the chronicles of the Silicon Valley Golfer - a sports argonaut who pursues the development of self via the ritual practice of focusing on a little white ball and trying to fly it into a small hole in the ground somewhere far far away.  Self knowledge is about trying to do stuff out there while battling the stuff that goes on in here. Grab your bag and walk the greens with SVG who finds himself thinking the Minatour is just around the corner more times than he'd care to admit.

San Jose DJ Playlists

Tunes for today, tunes to get away.

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