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Opening Comments from the Chief Argonaut

Are we what we eat?


Food is fundamental. In more ways than one we are what we eat. It's central to everything we do – everything we are. Think about the amount of time we dedicate ensuring we can eat. Much of the activity humans spend in every corner of our big blue planet can be framed by our need to satisfy appetite. It is this need that generates a cycle of planning for, cultivating, packaging, distributing and eventually digesting sources of proteins, carbohydrates and sugars, reconstructing them into the body, flesh and blood that constitutes our existence and ability to move about in time and space. 

... At the core - that is what farming and fishing and cooking and shopping and shipping food is all about right? Keeping a cycle of eater and eaten, planting and sowing, nurturing and destroying, living and dying circulating. We should call it the food wheel instead of the food chain.


And when it comes to innovation, this is an area that’s been and continues to be disrupted by new methods of doing all of the above. So much so that even Prometheus might kindle renewed pleasure for stealing heaven’s gift of fire and delivering it to mankind so we could upgrade our culinary habits (and perhaps pay better tribute?). It’s no surprise that humans have spent and still spend considerable time inventing and re-inventing ways to serve up food. Take a look at the abundant line up of cable TV programs covering every aspect of culinary construction on a Saturday morning. And the food chef stress-filled restaurateur contests. And the spike haired diners and drive-in specials. So much fascination and obsession with all things culinary. What would malls be like? And concerts, baseball, Christmas work parties, weddings? – Well, you get the idea. Even beyond the flesh – food plays an equally integral role in the daily and annual spiritual rituals and rites of passage that make humans especially unique on this planet.


So what better time than New Years to take a look at some aspects of the latest in food innovation. From McDonald’s revolutionary process of delivering family food fast to the latest robot and e-Meal delivery services – we’ll offer intriguing snapshots of the coolest food-related innovations from the last century and today. Along the way we’ll suggest some underlying forces driving these changes in food manufacturing, consumption habits and food innovation. All this delivered just in time to get us ready for the upcoming annual ritual observed by many requiring some form of food abstinence for an extended period of time (think Lent, Ramadan, Bahai faith) – a time of reflection that follows a period of celebration and the reckless abandonment of appetite (think Mardi Gras) – a celebration that is only just a few weeks away.


The world of food is a wonderful source of innovation and this edition’s intent is to provide a window into this fundamental human activity and to try understanding why we keep finding new ways to do the very same things our ancestors did so simply so many centuries ago.


Thanks for visiting our CG website.


Read on! And, hopefully along the way, we’ll deliver some tasty meaningful ‘food for thought.’


Happy New Year & Happy Reading.

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The practice of innovating as reflected in the daily life of a startup venture or entrepreneur is not dissimilar to the discipline and rituals required to master a sport. Of all sports, golf is perhaps the most challenging not just because the object in question sits still on the ground but because the the golfer plays against himself - his mind, his fears, his psyche and determination. There is alot of visualization and creativity involved in navigating a playing field with boundaries and landscape that changes from day to day, hole to hole and even minute by minute - unlike many other sports with more stable parameters.


For these and other reasons, golf is a good instructor for those looking to practice the art of innovation and the marketing of new products.


Join the chronicles of the Silicon Valley Golfer as he starts from square one and slowly develops his game overcoming a myriad of challenges - physical, mental and otherwise. Luckily he rarely suffers from the problem of inclimate weather. Still, he finds himself thinking the Minatour is just around the cornermore times than he'd care to admit.

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