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Opening Comments from the Chief Argonaut

Food is fundamental. In more ways than one we are what we eat. It's central to everything we do – everything we are. Think about the amount of time we dedicate ensuring we can eat. Much of the activity humans spend in every corner of our big blue planet can be framed by our need to satisfy appetite. It is this need that generates a cycle of planning for, cultivating, packaging, distributing and eventually digesting sources of proteins, carbohydrates and sugars, reconstructing them into the body, flesh and blood that constitutes our existence and ability to move about in time and space. 



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Expanded coverage on recent and not-so-recent tech innovation, startup, product launches and business trends including editorials & analysis from our staff and recognized  regional and national reporting sources.


Curated national, regional and local news on innovative companies and the trends that impact them. Plus pointers to other useful news sources.

Silicon Valley: Your Workplace of the Future


Expanded coverage on opportunities, workplace dynamics, job hunting advice and inspirational guidance for new economy aspirants and entrepreneurs intended to empower self-actualization.


What companies? Which industries? Fortune 500 or early stage start-up? How to apply? What's it like here? What are the pros - what are the cons? Why is the 'Valley' so attractive to talent from around the globe? What non-tech skills are needed to survive? How to stay motivated and how to stay focused. Find articles, listing and more on these and related topics.

The San Jose Local 

What's going on in Silicon Valley's capital? The vibe, the psyche, the changing times.

Downtown San Jose is transforming from a rumble-bumble afterthought town to a vibrant revitalized happening place. The Summer Jazz Fest, CineArts, world-class theatre, a new Avaya soccer stadium, and more new construction permits than one can imagine including a new mega Google complex at the Dirdon Caltrain. These times - they are a changin'.

The Silicon Valley Golfer


Startup life requires sunshine, great food and culture, and a microclimate that brings out the best in people (and golfers) everyday all year long.


Aside from being listed as one of the best places to live on the planet - boasting a  great mix of people, education, culture, year-round weather and a majesty of nature - the region is also one of the best places to get your golf game on.


The practice of innovating as reflected in the daily life of a startup venture or entrepreneur is not dissimilar to the discipline and rituals required to master a sport. Of all sports, golf is perhaps the most challenging not just because the object in question sits still on the ground but because the the golfer plays against himself - his mind, his fears, his psyche and determination. There is alot of visualization and creativity involved in navigating a playing field with boundaries and landscape that changes from day to day, hole to hole and even minute by minute - unlike many other sports with more stable parameters.


For these and other reasons, golf is a good instructor for those looking to practice the art of innovation and the marketing of new products.


Join the chronicles of the Silicon Valley Golfer as he starts from square one and slowly develops his game overcoming a myriad of challenges - physical, mental and otherwise. Luckily he rarely suffers from the problem of inclimate weather. Still, he finds himself thinking the Minatour is just around the cornermore times than he'd care to admit.

In The Know


Good sources for technology and startup news, events, trends, insights, macro industry analysis, predictions, statistics and other stuff for people who don't hang around the Valley everyday. Find out what people here read and what common parlance is like.


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